2MP 25X/32X/40X IR PoE AI PTZ Dome Camera


2MP 25X/32X/40X IR PoE AI PTZ Dome Camera



TD-8523IE3N, the 3rd gen 5inch AI PTZ camera series, which adopts a high quality 25x, 32x or 40x optical zoom lens, and high computing AI SOC, could deliver top-notch 1920 ×1080@30fps image details over a wide open area. The PTZ camera can detect max 15 objects per scene and classify human/vehicles from 600m to 1000m in radius. When any of them intrude restricted area, the camera will trace, zoom fit in center of screen, snap and record and trigger alarms until object disappeared, greatly improving surveillance efficiency. The 5inch Gen3 PTZ improves many aspects to further utilize AI capacity. The revised gimbal system is up to 360°/s, which could automatically track express fast large objects at 300km/h within several miles distance. The rotation mechanics is enforced to endure over 10 millions times for long-time heavy usage. The 3 rd gen PTZ adopts black-ray image and new stacked IR technology, which filter all the intrusive lights and focusing on human and vehicles themselves, thus it could track and recognize human details within hundreds of meters, challenging the most complex environment, whatever it is bright sun-shrine or in pitch black, snowy or rainy, strong headlights of cars and street lamps, etc. With competitive price, excellent picture quality and strong protection, the camera could meet the demand of 7×24Hour working in harsh weather for professional surveillance market.

Key Spec:

  • Ultra fast rotation and tracking speed and over 10millions of tracking life circles.
  • Superior low light performance
  •  Long IR supplement light distance
  •  1.5Tops Deep-learning engine, support human/vehicles detection, auto-tracking
  •  IP67 Water immersion /true IK10 glass/6KV Surge protection,7x24H harsh weather
  •  Stable supply-chain, long product life circle
  • Confirms to data protection regulations of major countries.


Wide range area intrusion, perimeter protection and alarm and smart-tracking: such as airport, express way, parks, scenic spots, stations and venues, industrial park. Suggestion installation: at 5-10m in height.


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